Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg visits India to boost sustainability cooperation

On 7 January, Prime Minister Solberg landed in New Delhi for a three-day visit to collaborate on the ocean economy and enhance joint sustainable development goal (SDG) action by Norway and India.

Prime Minister Solberg reported that the world cannot reach the SDGs unless “India is on board.” As a gift, the Prime Minister presented an SDG football to India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

Prime Minister Solberg spent two hours at a government-run primary school in Nithora village, in Ghaziabad. She interacted with children, parents and villagers and discussed sanitation challenges in Nithora, championing the efforts of local sanitation activist Komal Hadala.

She ended her trip by affirming the continued cooperation between Norway and India saying that the trip served to promote “shared efforts to achieve the green transition and the Sustainable Development Goals,” and she “looks forward to seeing our partnership bear more fruits, in business, politics and development.”