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Jeff Sachs Brings the SDGs to the Vatican

Jeffrey Sachs spoke and helped organize a meeting between Pope Francis, finance ministers for many nations, and the President of the UN General Assembly on the SDGs and the emerging crises of climate change. Hosted in the Vatican by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the discussion outlined steps the finance ministers should be taking as stewards of the world’s finances to align with climate science and the ethics of human dignity. As a thought leader in sustainable economics, Jeffrey Sachs echoed His Holiness’ call for decisive action on the goals outlined by the SDGs.

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Indigenous Peoples Have a Vital Role to Play in the Fight against Climate Change

Truly coming to grips with climate change requires not just ambitious targets, but ambitious action that takes advantage of every possible tool. Indigenous peoples’ traditional knowledge is a vital, but neglected, weapon in the climate change fight. SDG Advocate Hindou Ibrahim on how climate change is affecting indigenous communities in Chad, Africa.

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Her Majesty Queen Mathilde Talks SDGs on State Visit to Republic of Korea

Her Majesty Queen Mathilde of the Belgians engaged on the SDGs often on a recent Belgian State Visit to the Republic of Korea. Her Majesty spoke with former Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, Chair of SDG Advocate Alumni Ambassador Dho, and local youth on the importance of the SDGs in all aspects of life. Her Majesty also met with high-level Korea officials, business people and academics while in Korea.

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