Launch of Africa Innovates for the SDGs

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Africa Innovates for the SDGs is a competition organised by the co-Chair for the youth of Africa on using innovation to achieve the SDGs. Launched by the President Nana Akufo-Addo in August 2018 this competition seeks to support innovation in Africa and to tap into innovative African-driven solutions to these challenges for achieving the SDGs. The goal is to support exceptional early-stage African innovation that solves key challenges linked to the Sustainable Development Goals to scale up their innovations. The SDGs Advisory Unit at the Offcie of the President received over 1,300 applications from all over Africa. These applications showcased tremendous innovations from the production of clean energy from agricultural waste, to the use of mobile technology to support the healthcare system, and means of managing waste in our cities.

The applications were reviewed and shortlisted. A panel of judges have scrutinised, shortlisted applications and picked the best five applications as winners. Each of the five winners will be supported with $10,000.00 to scale-up the innovations. The winners and the shortlisted applicants will also be put into incubation hubs to help them develop these innovations to help achieve the SDGs in Africa.

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